3 Steps to Interview Preparation

You’ve got an amazing resume that got the attention of the hiring manager and you finally got that call for an interview! Now how do you wow them at the interview so that you don’t blow it?!

With some prep work and a little planning, you can make sure that you shine during the interview so that you get moved ahead and get closer to that offer!

Step 1: Info Gathering

This is the time to do your research and learn as much as you can about the organization that you are interested in. Read through their website, get an understanding of their mission, vision and the various sectors of their business.

What are the departments, who are the people, what growth plans do they have, what are their challenges? If they have a recent news page, review this, but also do an online search for the organization under “news” and find out what recent developments they have had.

You will want to work the things you learn into your questions and your answers during your interview to show that you have researched them. Each employer wants to know that you are truly interested in their company and will take the time to do the research.

Step 2: Big Wins

Make a list of some of your recent accomplishments that you are proud of in your most recent positions. Then, categorize them by topic so that if you are asked a question about that topic, you can quickly recall the example you wanted to share related to that area.

For example, I researched and implemented a new recruitment system while at a past job. When asked about developing new programs or policies that I developed I can use this example. It can also be applicable if I’m asked about how I improved a system or fixed a problem.

In this way you are making sure to share the key highlights from your career while also having great answers to their questions at the ready.

Step 3: The Mock Up

Create answers to the top interview questions that you may be asked. A quick online search can bring up many popular questions you may be asked. Practice talking about your Big Wins and figuring out how to work them into your answers.

Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend. Don’t forget to make a list of the questions you would like to ask during the interview (see my tips on this) Write your list of questions down to take with you so you don’t forget them and so you can take notes regarding their answers.

All of these steps will help show that you are prepared and allow you to make a great impression. If you need more help to prepare for your interview, reach out to me for one-on-one assistance. Read more about my coaching services here: Career Coaching - VanderYacht Consulting

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