Calm Mind

So much is happening in the world and if you are like me it’s hard to not soak in all of the fear and anxiety that is floating around. I want to be informed but the more I hear, the more anxious I become.

So much is out of my control. It can quickly become overwhelming. I’ve been trying to take conscious steps to ground and center myself. When I don’t I find that I quickly fall into periods of sleepless nights, panic attacks, never ending eye twitches and the like.

I’ve been focusing on three key areas

Creating Calm:
Doing daily meditations can do wonders. Even 2-3 minutes can create a positive change. Listen on a break or before bed to settle the mind.

Acts of Kindness and Compassion:
Consider reaching out to others in need or just to connect and check-in. Think about donating to important causes. There is a lot of need out there right now and there will only continue to be more as things progress.

Practice noticing and having gratitude for the beauty all around us. Get outside, even for a short walk and notice the sights and smells around you. I try to stop and get a photo when I can to remind me to slow down.

What else are you doing right now to develop presence and calm your mind?



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