Getting A Raise – 5 Steps

It can be daunting to request a raise from your superior or employer. People go years getting paid less than they deserve because they have no idea how to ask for a salary increase. 

While it might seem reckless and foolhardy to ask for a raise, it's actually not. There's nothing illegal about wanting commensurate payment for the level of work you have done. However, it's important that you use the right approach when making the request to your employer.

Still, it’s not enough to WANT a raise. It is also important that you are qualified to get that salary increment. You must prove yourself as a valuable asset and prove you are worth the investment. If you are, this article is the guide you need to show you how to convince your employer and get that raise you so deserve.

How to Get a Raise in 5 Simple Steps

1. Prepare

You have to take the bold step to request a raise. You cannot wait for a promotion or salary increase to come organically. You might end up waiting forever. Instead, you'll have to take the initiative by scheduling a meeting with your employer. 

With your set career goals in mind, you have to go in ready to emphasize your potential career growth. And how do you become ready? You hone your skills. Become an expert at your job. Be reliable and anticipate the needs of your employer.

You also have to make sure your request does not meet your employer at an inopportune moment. That moment your boss is telling off another employee isn’t the right time to ask for a raise. You also need to be sensitive to the circumstances of the organization. Can they afford to pay you more money at the time? 

And if the company has set rules about the timeline of salary raises, ensure you qualify with the terms before making a request. Scheduling a meeting will also give your boss adequate time and notice to prepare for the discussion.

2. Have the Right Attitude

In a work environment, no one likes the sour-faced co-worker. So you want to always maintain a positive attitude and relationship with fellow co-workers. Why? Because these co-workers may be required to corroborate your qualification or worthiness of your promotion or raise. So be a positive person whose presence creates a fun work environment.

Another good attitude to have is a willingness to negotiate. Don’t go into the meeting with a rigid mindset. Don’t set unreasonable standards too. Both can lead to a total breakdown in communication. And in your relationship with your employer.

So be prepared to compromise where necessary. You’ll be preserving the continuation of a healthy and positive work relationship with your employer. 

3. Know Your Value

When requesting a raise, be prepared with facts and numbers to show your track record. Then, use this as evidence to support your case. 

It's also advisable to have extensive knowledge of the value of the work you do. And then make moves to keep improving and developing your skillset. Take advantage of online courses, educational seminars, and conferences. Also, get more qualifications and expand your knowledge.

It would also prove invaluable if you could get some of your co-workers to put in a good word for you. It would be very helpful if they provided your employer with acknowledgment and evaluation of your skills and contributions to the team.

If you have proven yourself irreplaceable to other members of the team, this would impress your employer and influence a positive answer to your request.

4. Approach and Communication

Be specific with your numbers. Come up with the exact figures that can be ascertained as a correct valuation of the work you do. Then, compare your current income with what you intend to receive. And explain why you deserve the raise based on the work you do and your qualifications.

It is very important you communicate clearly. Be straightforward and explain how and why you feel you should get a raise. But remember to be diplomatic and choose your words carefully.

5. Exercise Patience

After the meeting with your boss, it’s quite possible they would need time to muse over it before giving their decision. So, it’s necessary that you remain patient. Allow them to reach their conclusion without adding unnecessary pressure.

Bottom Line

With all the steps listed above, you’re well on your way to getting a raise. Nonetheless, we understand that you may still need an extra push. A little more motivation and coaching.

That’s why at VanderYacht Consulting, we provide career coaching services. Here, we’ll coach you on the necessary steps you need to take to move your career forward. Contact us now.

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