How to Energize Your Job Search for The New Year

After searching for a job for months, going to various interviews, and waiting for the call that never came, it's easy to want to give up. You're most likely tired of getting rejected or being almost hired. It's frustrating and takes a toll on your mental and emotional health.

We’ve all been there. Applying to jobs, any job, in the hope of getting a phone call. It’s frustrating. It’s mind-numbing. It takes a toll on your psyche.

The job search process has been taking its toll on individuals, especially in recent years, but the basics haven’t changed. Employers are still looking for people who can do the job and be a good fit within the organization. The good news is that searching for a job is not impossible. If done correctly, you can manage your job search with a minimum of aggravation.

There are times in even the best of circumstances (not counting pandemics!) when quality candidates have difficulty getting noticed. Searching for a job can take longer than expected. It’s hard to get up every day and stay positive not knowing if your actions are moving you towards your goal. So, I wanted to address some of the ways you can get the job search train back on track and moving forward with a different attitude.

#1. Reflect And Revamp Your Mind

Take your time to reflect on how the year has been. Where did you do well, and which area do you need to buckle up?

 When this is done, set the ball rolling consciously by filling the mind with positivity and not negativity.

#2. Set Your Goals

You don't need to wait for the new year to arrive before setting goals for your job search. The right time to do such is now.

And it is not all about setting tons of goals but setting achievable goals. Hence, you need to be specific regarding your job search for the new year.

Get a pen and paper, write down your goals. This is because unwritten goals are risky as the human brain is limited to some capacity.

 Having done that, break the written goals into units. That is, split them into months, weeks and then days. This way, procrastination is defeated and, it increases the chances of having your set goals smashed.

#3. Hone Your Skills

What is your skillset and what is new in your industry? Your ability to answer this question, which sometimes requires research, helps you to know your stand.

Learning never ends, similarly, it is advisable to keep reinventing and updating your skills to remain relevant in your chosen career and it also gives you an edge over others.

#4. Update your personal Documents

This encompasses your resume, cover letter and online profiles.

A lot may have happened within the year; the volunteering work you did or the other job experiences that you completed, update them.

Get your documents polished and ready for job opportunities.

You don't have one? You need not to be bothered. Seek the attention of a professional to aid you to create a wonderful resume and cover letter.

#5. Strengthen Your Online Presence

It is no news that the online world has a lot to offer. Yes, strengthen your online presence by ensuring that your social media handles are well optimized to suit the job you are searching for.

And also, showing up consistently is one of the ways to strategically energize your job searches as social media handles tend to be the new resume.

#6. Make Research About Your Dream Job

Research is very vital in your journey of landing your dream job. It keeps you armed and equipped with a handful of information about your intended job.

Research also keeps you updated about your job or the company you would be working with.

#7. Know Where The jobs are located

Knowing where the jobs are, makes the search less stressful and more results yielding.

With this, your energy is channeled to one direction and your focus maintained.

#8. Have A Good Network

Having yourself surrounded by like minds is another way of energizing your job search. This gives more credence to the fact that "one's network is one's net worth".

Evaluate yourself by checking those people who you share ideas and spend time with.

Indisputably, your network.

1.Influences you.

2. Plays an integral role in your career life and

3. Offers a lot of job opportunities to you through an established relationship.

Moreover, aim at expanding your network by connecting with people.

#9. Imbibe The Habit of Reading

The importance of reading cannot be downplayed especially in the job search.

This is not just about the Internet content but also that of newspapers, brochures and magazines.

As one in search of a job, reading broadens your mind, keeps it freshened up and exposes you to a variety of information.

#10. Engage In Volunteer Work

Engaging yourself in volunteer work is one way to build competence in your career.

This is work you do freely without expecting anything in return. Even though it is unpaid, it can have a lot of benefits.

1. It helps boost your self confidence and self-esteem.

2. It helps in building competence in your chosen career.

3. Volunteering also sharpens your skills.

4. It also adds to your knowledge bank.

5. And it provides you with the opportunity to connect with more people thereby expanding your network and increases your chances of getting your dream job.

#11. Attend Workshops Both Online and Offline

Participating in workshops is one of the many ways to get yourself updated and more knowledgeable regarding your career.

It offers you the opportunity to learn from superiors in your chosen field. And it is one way to remain relevant in your field and prepare ahead of your colleagues.

#12. Consult A Career Coach

A career coach guides you through your chosen career. They can help you in making career decisions and guide you in your job search by sharing proven ways to land your dream job.

Therefore, consulting a professional career coach is a great step to energizing your job search.

At VanderYacht Consulting, we offer professional advice to our clients on proven ways to get themselves charged and energized in their job search.

We also offer strategic advice on how to smash your set goals and fast track your expected results.


A job search can be stressful or frustrating at times. But the burden becomes less and the results fast track when the above measures are acted upon. Get yourself energized! And don't forget we are ready to help you in your chosen career at VanderYacht Consulting.

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