Make Your LinkedIn Profile Standout


Everyone needs a LinkedIn profile that stands out irrespective of the stage you are in while searching for a job. This is because LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world today.

Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Just in case you already have a well-paying full-time job and you are asking; “do I need to have a LinkedIn profile?” The answer is Yes. Below we will discuss a few reasons why you need a LinkedIn profile.

#1. To build your brand

A lot of companies stand out and are easily identified from their competitors just because they built a strong brand name over time. Well, this isn't any different from what can happen to you when you decide to build a strong brand name for yourself.

LinkedIn plays a huge role in ensuring that people identify value when they connect to you. All you need is to be creative, and authentic and reflect your personality through your voice.

#2. To help you maximize opportunities

Generally, LinkedIn is a platform for building connections because it helps you find the best people to connect with. However, the first step to achieving this is to figure out the type of people you want to connect with.

You can also decide to personalize your connection request. What this means is that you can decide to personalize your connection request instead of just scrolling through LinkedIn's list of "People you may know," and hit the connect button.

#3. You can secure your dream job through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one quick and easy way to get that job you are looking for. A lot of companies use this platform to search for the next new employees in their organization.

The process of achieving this is simple. All you need is an active profile that helps people looking for your skills, qualification, and experience discover you. So you can land that dream job with an active LinkedIn profile instead of sending applications from one organization to another.

How can my LinkedIn profile stand out?

Already we acknowledged that LinkedIn is the largest professional platform which means that there are over 600 million people actively using this platform. Whether you are trying to build a personal brand, network, or secure your dream job, your profile must stand out.

To achieve this, we need to discuss these 6 crucial sections;

  • Photo
  • Headline
  • About Section
  • Connections
  • Completed Experience and Education sections
  • Recommendations

#1. Photo

Your LinkedIn profile photo should have your face in it and not an ordinary caption. This is because your photo is one of the first places people look and as they say, first impressions always matter.

The truth is that there are several LinkedIn profiles without photos that are easily pushed aside. To help you stand out from others, it is advisable that you use a professional image.

#2. Headline

For your profile to stand out, you need an eye-catching headline. This is because your headline is found directly below your LinkedIn photo which is the first thing visitors will read when they connect to your page.

Here you have just 130 characters to fill so you must focus on something that pops. Consider it to be a billboard advertisement for what you can do which means you should focus on your target audience too.

Let them know your specialty, what you are bringing to the table, and how beneficial your services will be to them if hired.

#3. About Section

The about section on your LinkedIn profile is an important area that can help you stand out and should contain a summary of your story, skills, and experience. It is usually a longer form of your LinkedIn headline with about 2000 characters to help you dive in deeper.

This section is an opportunity to sell yourself so you need to focus on how best to attract a potential employer and what you can do well. You must pay attention to the keywords that help you connect strongly to your field.

You don't have to use up all 2000 characters, the main thing is to be creative and paint a professional picture of yourself.

#4. Connections

Now it's home to start making the right connections. Having a lot of connections is important to make you visible to others which is why it is advisable to keep your connections growing as you meet people.

Although it is possible to connect with people you do not know, connecting with people you met in a professional capacity, have worked with or those you know personally is a bonus point to getting more connections. However, if you decide to connect with people you don't know, send them a message explaining your identity and why you would want to connect with them.

#5. Completed Experience and Education sections

Rather than citing job duties and tasks, you can creatively include your experience in your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Doing this is one of the best ways to help people who visit your page remember what they know about you.

You must include every job experience you've had that is relevant to where you want to build your career. You can also include two to four interesting bullet points to capture each job you include.

The goal here is to emphasize the impact and changes you made and the results you got from them.

#6. Recommendations

Asking for recommendations is a key factor to help your LinkedIn profile stand out. To do this you need to think about the people with who you had a good working relationship in the past.

Then you click on the link in your profile that says Ask for Recommendations. Choose what you want to be recommended for and send it to the connections you want to share it with.


Different people use the LinkedIn platform for different purposes beneficial to them and their target audience. But do not fret if you haven't figured out how best to use the platform.

At vanderYacht consulting, we can assist you in building a professional LinkedIn that helps you stand out. All you need is to contact us today.

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