Networking and Your Job Search


Ah networking, the dreaded word for many. We think about networking and images come to mind of attending crowded events, introducing ourselves to strangers and making awkward small talk.But networking does not always need to look this way. Especially now in the age of limited in-person events, there are new ways of connecting and networking.

Even if more networking is being done now virtually, networking still means reaching out to others. This can be through general niceties such as sending an email, text or card. Or extending a lunch invitation. Find ways to get communication flowing and so that you come to mind when an opportunity presents itself.

One of the best ways to be a great networker is to constantly think about how you can add value for others. Are there resources or information you have that may be helpful to them? Are they trying to solve a problem that you may have an answer to? Reach out with helpful information or advice.

If you have a relationship established already it will be easier to ask for leads or let them know what you are looking for. If you do not yet have a relationship established this can be more difficult. Most of us all have examples of connections we have accepted online who then immediately start trying to sell us something. No one wants to be “sold” right out of the gate. Building a relationship is a two-way street where value should be offered and exchanged.

70% of job offers today are landed through networking. Some offers are for jobs that did not even exist before the individuals made connection with the hiring company. But these offers won’t come if you are not looking and not asking.

Many of us are afraid to ask for fear for rejection or fear of bothering someone. The simple truth is that the worst that can happen is that they say no. In that case you are no worse off than you were before you asked. Except now you know the answer and can move forward to a different approach or idea.

Networking can be tricky. If you need guidance, I am here to help. Reach out to me for tips, strategy and career coaching.

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