Resume Scanning Software to Target Your Resume


Today, many companies are utilizing (ATS) Applicant Tracking Systems, to scan through

the multiple of resumes that they receive for open positions. How do you get your resume successfully through this process and onto the hiring manager?

You must target your resume to the job. This is when the right keywords, phrases and appropriate structure are critical. There are a number of online sites that can help you make sure that your resume is the best match for the job.

Here we discuss a few free or low-cost resume scanning programs to help you match your resume with a job posting to see if it is a good fit for the job and increase your chances of getting your resume through the scanning step.


If you are looking for a free resume scanner for keywords then you should consider SkillSyncer. This software compares an available job description to your resume to identify the necessary keyword or skills you ought to include.

This is necessary to help you speed up your job search and get to the top of the pile. Getting your resume noticed with SkillSyncer is easy because it analyzes several job descriptions before generating the most suitable one for your resume.

The best part is that the process is private and secure. With strict policies, secure servers, and total transparency, you can be sure that your data is safeguarded.

All you need to do is to upload your resume and job description to SkillSyncer and you get access to a job match report and instant match score. However, if you want your data deleted from the server, you may request so at any time.


The process of applying for a job can be time-consuming however, Jobscan allows you to optimize your resume in order to generate more interviews. To do this, all you need is to upload your resume and then copy and paste the job description you want to apply for.

Jobscan then analyzes your resume to help you identify errors, tone, key qualifications, hard skills, and other best practices. Having this software scan for almost every job you apply for increases your chances of getting hired.

By comparing hard skills, soft skills, and buzz words from job listings to your resume, Jobscan not only identifies your missing skills but also matches targeted keywords to help you get the attention of recruiters.


This is a free resume scanner that offers you actionable feedback on the best way to improve your resume success rate. All you need to do is upload your resume and Resumeworded will analyze it.

This process simply involves clicking on the button “targeted resume”, uploading your resume, and pasting in a copy of the job posting or description for the job you are interested in. Then wait a few seconds for the results to process.

When complete, it will highlight the important keywords and skills in the job description and provide you with a relevancy score to let you know how close of a match your resume is so that you know where to make changes.


There are several free and affordable resume scanning programs that match your resume to a job listing and even prepare you for the job. Get your dream job today using any of the above mentioned programs.

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