3 Steps to Interview Preparation

You’ve got an amazing resume that got the attention of the hiring manager and you finally got that call for an interview! Now how do you wow them at the interview so that you don’t blow it?!

With some prep work and a little planning, you can make sure that you shine during the interview so that you get moved ahead and get closer to that offer!


How to be Successful in Your First 90 Days

Cover the Basics

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be dependable- show up on time, come in early, stay late and offer to cover extra shifts. As the new person on the team, you need to demonstrate your commitment. Your flexibility is key here. Be willing to help others out when needed.


What Makes a Great Cover Letter and Why Have One?

Recently, I was listening to a recruiter who was reading through a resume and cover letter from a candidate who had addressed their cover letter to our competitor rather than for the position at our company. Suffice it to say this resume did not make it much further in the process. This highlights the importance of not just proofreading but also of catering the cover letter to each specific position that you are applying to.